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New to me 2013 Volt

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After it became clear that my wife and I needed a bigger car than our 2009 Smart Passion Coupe (in order to respond to calls to transport our granddaughters), I researched hybrids like the Prius and Lexus CT200h as well as Chevy's Volt. The Volt won, primarily because it covers so many miles on battery alone before the ICE kicks in, and secondly, because the ICE powers a generator rather than directly driving the car. This preserves the "electric character" of the car even when the battery range is exhausted. Very cool. Furthermore, our typical daily drive rarely covers more miles than the battery range. In short, we are loving the "New to Us 2013."

I'm new to this website, and very excited to have found it. It answers so many questions you just can't get from the owner's manual. The one question I am still trying to find an answer to is: Is there any way to disable the annoying horn alarms...beeps when it locks the doors; beeps when you plug it in. I live in a townhouse and worry that I'm annoying the heck out of my neighbors!
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I thought that you might like to understand how the Gen1 works:

“Even when the gas engine is on and partially driving the wheels, it cannot operate without electricity flowing to one of the other motors.

“The gas engine, under most conditions, will be used to drive the generator and produce electricity, and will not be used to drive the wheels.

“There is no "direct" mechanical linkage between the Volt's gas engine and the wheels, rather there is an indirect linkage that is accomplished by meshing the power output of the engine with the power output of one of the other two electric motors.

“Motor Trend's reporting that the magic cutoff speed of 70 mph is what the car uses to determine whether or not to make the engine to partially drive the wheels is incorrect. The engine is used to partially drive the wheels when the car calculates that it will be a more efficient use of the engine's power. There is no hard cutoff point.”

I sensed the ICE engaging directly at speeds as low as 35-37 mph when I accelerated slowly, or maintained that speed for a while, with the ICE and transmission fully warmed up during my road trips in my 2014.

The GM engineers came up with a really well-thought-out drive-train that is very efficient.

Here’s another set of videos explaining how the Gen1 Volt works:
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