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New owner saying hi

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I just bought a used 2013 Volt Premium (with only 16K miles on it!) that will be replacing my VW TDI that I'll be turning in soon.

I did go out to charge it this morning and realized the EVSE is missing - it was in the car when I test drove it, as I tried it out on my house outlets first! You know where I'll be heading Monday morning.
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Be sure to look under the trunk floor. They store under there and sometimes new owners do not think to look there.

Enjoy your great new car!
Yes sir, I did look. When I test drove the car, I'd brought it home to make sure that the L1 unit would work with our house (we have a 216 year old house that we're looking to sell, so I'm probably not going to wire in 220v for now). When I looked under the floor yesterday, nothing.

Thanks - it was a deal I couldn't pass up - a well-optioned car with low mileage that had all service records is always gold.

I had the exact opposite occurrence with my recently purchased used 2015....... The OEM charge cord in the "trunk" had NEVER been used. Not sure how the prev owner topped it up, but it seems to have spent roughly 1/4 of it's life running on gas.
Maybe they had a L1/L2 setup in their garage? That will be in our next house (I don't have a garage but do have winter :( ).
Everything turned out ok; the dealer had the EVSE as they used it to charge the car. The salesman was new and this was his first Volt delivery.

It does bother me a bit that the dealer doesn't have a dedicated L1/L2 setup in their shop though.

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