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New Owner of a 2014 Summit White Volt

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Long time follower/stalker of this forum has finally purchased a 2014 Fully loaded Chevy Volt. This is my second day of ownership and the vehicle is absolutely fantastic. To be honest, I did have my doubts and began second guessing myself on the thought of giving up the Acura TL and passing on a purchase of a Lexus, but those doubts have been erased. Those who were skeptical are no longer once they set foot in the Volt (six conversion so far;) ). The other half of the battle is the convincing my counterparts that the Volt is actually an upgrade in comparison to my previous rides. :cool: Awesome Car and awesome ride!

Glad to be part of Team Volt!
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Your post is the perfect example of how the car sells itself once people get in and drive it or in it. GM has relied on this method of marketing from the start and it works, but is not sufficient to build exponentially increasing volume. (at least not yet) On an optimistic note for new Volts, I cautiously predict near-record sales for March. (2,500-3000) Selling well in CA.
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