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New Owner of a 2014 Summit White Volt

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Long time follower/stalker of this forum has finally purchased a 2014 Fully loaded Chevy Volt. This is my second day of ownership and the vehicle is absolutely fantastic. To be honest, I did have my doubts and began second guessing myself on the thought of giving up the Acura TL and passing on a purchase of a Lexus, but those doubts have been erased. Those who were skeptical are no longer once they set foot in the Volt (six conversion so far;) ). The other half of the battle is the convincing my counterparts that the Volt is actually an upgrade in comparison to my previous rides. :cool: Awesome Car and awesome ride!

Glad to be part of Team Volt!
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You made a wise decision, congratulations.
Thanks! Everyday is better than the last *Correction per BillG*
ELR (Volt's Caddy version) is the smoothest and most quiet car I have ever driven. Road trips are a dream compared to other cars. Commuting is also a lot less stressful.
I really wanted to make the ELR happen, but my car adopted a car seat 7 months ago. Shucks.... But if the Volt is great, I can't imagine driving an ELR everyday.
I hope not! Maybe everyday is better than the "last"?
Lol, That's exactly what I meant.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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