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We bought a new, well equipped, 2017 Volt Premier to replace a 2007 Prius and now have 2,000 miles on it. Since we couldn't get a silver one with Adaptive Cruise Control from a lot anywhere, we had to place an order for one. The production line was down at the time so it took a couple of months to get it. The good news was that Chevy still had 0% interest available.
We live in Michigan so we will be dealing with cold and in-climate weather. Aside from an occasional long trip, our daily roundtrip drives are under 35 miles so we are hoping to stay EV even in the winter. So far our non EV trip mileage (under adverse driving conditions) has averaged 39 MPG and we like the implementation of the ICE technology better than that in a normal car.
We both LOVE the car. While it doesn't have the performance of sports cars that I have owned, overall the Volt is much more fun to drive. The instant, smooth response of the Volt is a joy.The optional electronics are terrific and the Adaptive Cruise Control in particular.
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