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New Owner, Aylmer, Canada. Loving-it!

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Hi all, just got my 2017 Mosaic Black Premium 3 days ago and I'm loving it.

So far only problem is the mobile app notifications, not able to alert me when it is fully charged, Onstar is working on the problem..

I look forward to interacting and sharing on this forum.

Quick question, I can't seem to get my auto drv door unlock to unlock as I approach? I've triple checked the settings and so far I still have to press the little button on the handle to unlock the door. any of you have a fix for this?

Cheers all and have fun.
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Alright, thanks for the welcome and the answer... perhaps I misunderstood the meaning of auto unlock.. It's not a big deal in any case, you still have to get your hand on the door handle.. I'm sure after a while pressing the thumb button will become second nature..


8 seconds exactly for Gen 1. Haven't a Gen 2 to test. In my case, that's exactly enough time for me to close the driver door, plug in the car, remember I left something in the back seat and have the car lock just as I'm reaching for the handle every single time. :)
It's enough for me to open the passenger side, drop in my bag/whatever and walk around to the other side and get in.
If I stop to unplug, too slow :(

It's also long enough for me to walk a fair distance away thinking it hasn't locked and I need to go back, then *honk*
LOL, yep that about covers it.. hehehe

For me right now, still adjusting, I am at the point where I have the FOB proximity enabled, and as I get to the car I unlock the rear left passenger door, place my work bag on the back seat, then close the door, Unplug the charge cable, go to the driver door, and yes press the button again (just because) and lock all the doors... hahaha

It'll take some time to get the routine going.. it's all new.. but I'm loving it! :)

Cheers all
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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