New 48Amp OpenEVSE. Plug-in Nema 14-50 style plug. I used it once to make sure it works. I received the unit in 12/2021. Unit was assembled by OpenEVSE company and not myself. Includes all instructions, mounting templates and charger cable management.
Why am I selling? I bought a Tesla and thought my wife would inherit my 2013 Volt so I bought this unit so she would not have to use a tesla adaptor when she wanted to charge up. Instead, I’d have to use an adapter when charging the Tesla. However, she decided to keep driving her old gas based hybrid. So I’m going to get a tesla wall charger which will make my recharging experience hassle free & selling my Volt to a long time friend who wants to transition to a more efficient vehicle. She drives 45 miles a day rarely over 55MPH so my Volt will be great for her.