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New MyChevrolet Mobile App Update Not Working.

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FIXED: New MyChevrolet Mobile App Update Not Working.

So today, 10/27/16, my MyChevrolet mobile app got an update to version 3.3.0 and now the only data that it displays is how much gas is in the tank. No battery SOC, no charge status, no tire pressure, no oil life remaining, and no odometer reading. I have not yet tried the remote start functions yet. Onstar's RemoteLink still works though.
Anybody else get the same?
If you can avoid the update, I suggest waiting for the next one. Maybe it will fix this one.
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Sorta looks like just the Android version is broken. My broken app is Android. :(
Fixed: New MyChevrolet Mobile App Update Not Working.

I uninstalled the app then re-installed it. All data functions are now working again.
Yep, I'm seeing the same things. I went back to the OnStar version...
Uninstall the app, then re-install it. That will get it working again.
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