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New Member located in Switzerland

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Hi there,

my name is Constantin and I have bought my Volt (2011, US Model imported to Switzerland) some months ago.
Looking at a solution of my SHVCS message I came across this forum which is really great and comprises way more users and information than the German forum.

I have some other cars aside the VOLT but I like the silent drive....

Looking forward to some nice talks and sharing some information. My first comment will be for sure in the SHVCS thread aksing for some help.....

Constantin (nick Conny)
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Hi Conny, welcome to the Volt forum. Switzerland is a beautiful place! Spent many months in Thun and Interlaken area! The SHVCS error is usually caused by the coolant level for HV battery being low, or a bad sensor ( its in the bottom of the reservoir). Also many have had the error show for no apparent reason, and consensus is that an air "burp" could momentarily uncover the sensor triggering the error. Of course in my own situation my Chevy dealer has a trained technician who can diagnose and reset these codes. How do you get factory service on a Chevy Volt in Switzerland?
Hi Constantin
Welcome to the forum!
I'm from Switzerland as well. I bought a 2013 Volt in the US and imported it to Switzerland.

The SHVCS issue is best described (and fixed!) here:

i'am also from Switzerland.
I own a Opel Amera and have the same failure. I tried several things, i measured the Sensor, i tried to reset all the Errors with Torque pro. After send the reset, the failure came immediately back.
Very frustrating.

Sorry for my english.

Gruss Bruno aus dem Ybrig
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