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New in NY

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Hi all,

I've been lurking around here for a few weeks, and have learned a ton about this amazing car. This forum is a great resource!
I just put a down payment in on a 2017 kinetic blue premier, so I thought it was high time time to step out of the bushes and say hi! I am really excited to join the ev community, and track how little gas I use!
We live in upstate NY, Saratoga Springs to be exact, and my daily commute is about 15 miles rt so I foresee long stretches of time of not using the ice.

One interesting note: at the dealership yesterday the salesman told us that GM had just announced a brand new recall, and as such he couldn't even let the car off the lot until the parts come in and they can do the repairs. He was vague about specifics, but said it had something to do with the wheels. As the recall involves waiting for parts, he couldn't even give us a rough time line for delivery. Grrrrrr! I will call Monday and press him for details, and post an update here when I learn more.
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Thanks for all this guys. I will be able to charge at work on 240V, so I am going to see how it goes for a couple of months before deciding whether or not to wire in a 240V outlet in the garage. However I do like that, with an adapter, the existing EVSE can do either. Love the old sig llninja!
So I live just 60 minutes south of you in Dutchess. I used the 120v charger originally but on weekends when I often go out twice the 204v charge came in very handy if you are trying to use electric all the time so I did buy the clipper creek with a a dryer plug format for portability touse at other homes if needed. However if you dont see that use or you can go out twice on one charge, no reason to get the 240v charger. Its really a personal choice. I use electric about 90% of all my driving since having my volt gen 1 for now some 4 years.
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