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New GOM Record for my 2013 Volt

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Or is it the Predict-O-Meter?

Whichever it is, mine showed 49 miles of range as I started out this morning. That's the highest I've seen since purchasing Victor ( a 2013 Volt ) last November.
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If you could average ~5.4 miles/kWh for your day’s driving, even if you actually drove only 20 miles/day before recharging, you could then get your full charge reading up to that 60 estimated max (i.e., your historical average mileage times total available power in a full charge), and it required posting a photo of your day’s end usage screen to prove you could actually drive 60+ miles on one charge.
When it's warm I can see 5.4 - 5.7 miles/KWh on my commute home from work for the first 28 miles. It's the last 5 miles that always brings it back down to less than 5.0. Those last few hills and a couple of miles of soft dirt road. Maybe I should move into town and sell the farm.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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