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New GOM Record for my 2013 Volt

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Or is it the Predict-O-Meter?

Whichever it is, mine showed 49 miles of range as I started out this morning. That's the highest I've seen since purchasing Victor ( a 2013 Volt ) last November.
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In the winter in South Florida on my daily 4.7 mile commute to the train station I can see it as high as 53 on a 2013. Now that it is stinking hot again I'm down in the low 40's running the AC. It's really all about speed. But I did once get 50 miles of range on the highway at 60-65mph, that trick is finding a large truck you can get behind and drafting 4 or so car lengths back. If you have ever dabbled in cycling you will quickly understand the advantage of drafting or as us triathlon guy's would call it cheating!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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