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New Gen 1 Volt owner in GTA

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Hi all. :D

I'm a new Volt owner. I recently purchased a 2014 Chevy Volt. I'm really enjoying it. A big change from the G37 I previously had but I'm not missing the $$ fill ups.
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Thanks everyone! The only set back I have so far is my work not allowing electric vehicles to plug in. Usually I wouldn't be surprised by such a thing but I work in a Municipal building and I work for the Fire Dept so you'd think they'd be more accommodating :/

That's so funny... I also went from a g37s to a volt! Must be doing something right to attract us.
Funny I've heard of another person who did the same. Maybe the Volt attracts those that like smooth comfy cars with lots of Torque?
Actually I do have a quick question for the GTA Volt owners. Any issues setting up your Onstar?

Is it required to setup the My Chev app? (I'm sure it's needed for the Onstar app)
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