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New Forum doesn't feel like home yet

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I'm here in the new forum but it doesn't feel like home yet. Seems unfamiliar, empty and devoid of personality. Anyone else feel this way? How do we spice it up and get her going again? Here are a few issues I have:

1) Too many main topics. I liked the last grouping. Simple. Now I have a hard time selecting where they go. Is peak oil political or environmental. lol

2) The spell checker requires me to download some software. Did anyone check this out to see if it has spyware?

3) After you log in you don't get a "today's posts" selection button.

4) Of course no more non-member posts.

Anyway, It's kind of like a freshly painted room. Smells nice but feels different. I'm sure I'll be right at home the next time someone attacks solar power again. ;)
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Not that Lyle isn't doing a GREAT job with all this. I know how trying to make everyone on a forum environment happy just can't be done.

I'd like to see avatars turned on personally. I have found that "most" people don't change theirs that often and it makes it easier to follow users and threads. And users between threads because you get that visual recognition rather than having to read the names. You connect with the pics faster in your head.

I think a 1 to 1 forums list from the old to new forum would be best and add an "Announcements" forum at the top of the new board could help convey important info ASAP.

Theres some serious setting up to do with this forum. I think I finally got the avatars turned on.

There are many and far more powerful features here as you'll see.

There is a link to click for new posts too, and I think I also found someone who can transfer the old posts here.
Very good... having fun in that huge vBulletin menu tree huh? :D I hate trying to find some things in there.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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