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New Forum doesn't feel like home yet

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I'm here in the new forum but it doesn't feel like home yet. Seems unfamiliar, empty and devoid of personality. Anyone else feel this way? How do we spice it up and get her going again? Here are a few issues I have:

1) Too many main topics. I liked the last grouping. Simple. Now I have a hard time selecting where they go. Is peak oil political or environmental. lol

2) The spell checker requires me to download some software. Did anyone check this out to see if it has spyware?

3) After you log in you don't get a "today's posts" selection button.

4) Of course no more non-member posts.

Anyway, It's kind of like a freshly painted room. Smells nice but feels different. I'm sure I'll be right at home the next time someone attacks solar power again. ;)
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I agree that I liked the old forum better, I didn't post much on there but I checked it multiple times a day to see what was happening.

Jim I, you brought up post moderating. I wonder if some of the more active members could volunteer as moderators which could manage the forum postings and such. Most forums have such individuals. I bet Lyle could figure out how that could be set up.
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