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New Car Charging System From Germany

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Quite interesting. The one thing I worry about is the actual seems the weak point of the design seems to be the arm. The people treat chargers around here I'm not so sure it would last very long.
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In case you don't want to watch a 10 minute youtube video:

The basic idea of a roof-mounted charger seems like a good one. But I don't understand the lack of cable. Do all EV owners in Europe carry around a Mennekes extension cable of some sort?
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A truly revolutionary advancement in plugging in!!:p

How have I logged 30k miles in less than 2 yrs driving my BEV without this gizmonic?
All this time I've been stepping 3 ft from the door of my car to grab the charge cord handle and plugging it into the charge port which is even closer to the charger.
It's for public parking garages, not home garages.
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