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New Car Charging System From Germany

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Quite interesting. The one thing I worry about is the actual seems the weak point of the design seems to be the arm. The people treat chargers around here I'm not so sure it would last very long.
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Honestly, I think that its a brilliant idea of supplying my own cord at public stations. It would cut down on theft potential, and make being ICEd a lot easier to workaround.
But theft of cables between the charger and the car will go up. With high copper prices, these will disappear unless you have a way of locking them up.

Though the concept of being able to reach 4 vehicles at once seems nice, it will only entice rage wars when someone unplugs your car to charge theirs. Imagine getting "iced" by 3 other EVs. A better solution is a mechanism where up to 4 cars plug in simultaneously and the charging is split evenly to cars as they are able to accept the current. So if 4 Tesla's pull up, they all draw evenly sharing the maximum current of the source. If one leaves and a volt pulls up, then the volt gets 16A and the Tesla's pull the remaining evenly (20-40A each). When a battery is full, it drops out and the remaining current is split amongst the remaining.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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