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New Car Charging System From Germany

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Quite interesting. The one thing I worry about is the actual seems the weak point of the design seems to be the arm. The people treat chargers around here I'm not so sure it would last very long.
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Honestly, I think that its a brilliant idea of supplying my own cord at public stations. It would cut down on theft potential, and make being ICEd a lot easier to workaround.
It sounds good until you think it over.

Compare to filling the gas tank with your own hose. The service station provides the pump, but you have to provide the hose.

In practice it was a requirement made by Germany who is protecting it's own interest of Mennekes licensing fees. Instead of having one license fee per charger, they now get three. One for the charger outlet, second for the cable inlet and third for the cable outlet. at 30$ per piece, it cashes roughly 100$ for Mennekes from whom the German government can grab 25$ as tax.

And standard wall outlet has been removed from most of the charging stations since people were using those for campers and block heaters.

Pure business logic.
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