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New Car Charging System From Germany

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Quite interesting. The one thing I worry about is the actual seems the weak point of the design seems to be the arm. The people treat chargers around here I'm not so sure it would last very long.
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It does a nice work around from other systems as well a nice work around when ICE vehicles occupy EV spots.. However from the brochure and the demonstration I do not see a cord with the unit. It would appear to me that it would be redundant to use one's EVSE unit but would need a special cord carried by the EV user to utilize the unit. Unit charges from 3.7, 11 and 22 kW.

I too would worry about the arm, especially EV owners leaving it down and another car running driving right into it. Maybe the arm itself should have red led lights on it to warn vehicle owners, which could give a better chance for limiting cars running into it.
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