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New article comparing Volt and 2010 prius

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I wrote this:

and welcome any feedback (as soon as I put on my fire-proof suit). Paul
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I'd like to know what rate you put in for electrcity for coming up with these numbers... I will only pay 5 cents per kWh in North Carolina.

Other comments:

1) You are not taking into account tax credits for the volt in the final price
2) You are not mentioning the intangibles: ie 'people just want to stop buying gas.' Many people will pay more to have less variable costs (in this case, gas). Compare this to a fixed rate loan or a variable. The variable is going to be a lot cheaper, so why doesnt everyone get variable? Because of the unknown. Personally, I want to know I can get around without gas if we have an energy crisis.

There have been a studies that show the standard hybrids are a waste. If you took the batteries out, the MPG is almost the same without all the added weight. The volt is actually displacing petrol in a very real way. its an interesting article, but I dont think people like you 'get it' There is more to a volt than strict finance.

IF we were basing all of our decisions based on strict finance, then no one would be buying a lot of cars out there that sell like hotcakes.

Let me say one more thing... I attended an energy conference in D.C. this past week put on by the Energy Information Administration (under the DoE). There is considerable risk that we are going to really hit an energy crisis in a few years, and unless you are driving electric, your Prius will be sitting in the garage going no where. I personally dont believe in peak oil, but I am willing to hedge my bet with something that could be sustained, had we a catastophic loss of oil production.
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Electrified cars ARE the way of the future. The only reason we havent converted yet was the low price of oil (and availability). You can shout all you want about the prius, but the sooner people jump on the band wagon that allow us to shut oil out completely from normal transportaton, the better.

For me, the Volt goes way beyond simple economics. It is giving everyone a chance to be the first to participate in the next generation of transportation without oil. For me, thats priceless. Its not going to be cheap initially, but it is also not out of the range of many buyers, considering 30k+ cars are the norm for a wide swath of the population.
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