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New article comparing Volt and 2010 prius

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I wrote this:

and welcome any feedback (as soon as I put on my fire-proof suit). Paul
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You write about wanting to be objective yet talk about GM and EVs as though they left you standing at the alter. You do realize that CEOs, employees and conditions change don't you (Vega? Are you serious)? If your intent was to sound objective you failed. Miserably.

Anyway, everyone has their opinions and the assumptions they use to support them. If some of us don't agree with your assumptions, opinions and yes, your subjectivity, that doesn't make you a bad person. ;) I guess we will have to wait a few more years to find out who was using better assumptions.
Paul, you are just going to have to wait until the design has been locked down and they get the next generation mules on the road (not the Malibu body but the actual locked down design). Then and only then will they be able to give you the accurate numbers you so pessimistically seek. I'm guessing next year you will get much more accurate specifications. At this point in the design the stated specs. can and will change. Don't believe me? Let's come back to this thread next year and see what specs. they quote.
Yeah, Lose that excitement. Be a robot. Too much excitement is bad for the heart. Don't spend that money... Um, on those stickers or magnets or die-cast models. Yeah, that's a waste!

Why? Because I know. After all, it's all in the computers. I can predict the cost of something before everyone sets the final design. Before all the different departments from manufacturing to finance sign off I know the numbers. They just don't work out. The EV will win. Heck, Fusion is only a short time away so why even bother? Let's just light up some cigars (cancer will also be cured by the time you get it) and go to the races (let's enjoy it now before all the oil is gone.. Oh yeah that other poster said they didn't believe in peak oil so... let's just enjoy)! Oh and Bob, don't cut your hair so short. I hate you bob. I mean I love you... Noooooooooo!
I think we have a few things in the news that just might balance each other out, if we're lucky:

1) Around 4.5 Billion recoverable barrels worth of shale - North
Dakota (discovered in 1995 but the assessment was increased). Very difficult to extract, harder than tar sands. Will start seeing real oil in 5 years.

2) Around 33 Billion recoverable barrels worth of deep well crude - Brazil. Will start seeing real oil in 5 years.

3) Russia seems to have reached peak - last year's 10 mbd should be highest production number reached - Number two world producer of oil.

If Russia starts to fall off now finds 1 and 2 will not help us. If Russia can hold on for 5 more years before falling off finds 1 and 2 will probably not be enough to hold us at current levels, assuming everything else stays the same. Projected max output from the Alberta tar sands is 5 mbd which will be reached around 2015 or later. Same for Ven.

However, as the poster above wrote this oil will be a lot more expensive. Cheap oil is a thing of the past.
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Exactly! That's why everyone drives a Geo metro, Chevrolet Aveo, Dodge Nitro, Saturn ION, or other bear bones model. No wait...

I think Tesla did the world a great service breaking the golf cart image. Man did it ever! As soon as the street racers get a hold of these cars and see what they can do the rest will be history.

Why do I have to be a hippy, penny pitching, tight wad to drive a car with a battery in it? I think the technology is expensive because it gives the car better performance (rail car like acceleration) and makes me feel less of a fool for not having to send my money to far away exotic lands. I don't currently drive an old Ford Pinto either! Do you? The next time some one asks you if it would be cheaper to buy X or Y ask them what they drive. Then ask them the same question. If they DO drive a Ford Pinto or similar car then say you are sorry. ;)
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