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New article comparing Volt and 2010 prius

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I wrote this:

and welcome any feedback (as soon as I put on my fire-proof suit). Paul
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My problem with your article is that it is 30 months too early!

You are comparing two different types of vehicles, neither of which yet exist, and making some very large assumptions. With the Prius, you give it the benefit of the doubt. With the Volt, you assume the absolute worst and then make your comparisons.


You assume $4.00 per gallon by 2011. Many "experts" are predicting $5.00 per gallon in 2008!!!

GM has said the 40 mile AER is at "end of life", so a new pack should do considerably better than 40 miles.

You seem to think that the newer model Prius will be priced about the same as the existing models. How did you get that information? And for your comparisons, you used a "base" price Prius, but a "max" price for the Volt.

Your bias to the Prius is all over your article. Here is just one quote: "The Volt’s efficiency losses of generation, conversion, battery storage, re-conversion to AC, and electric drive-motor losses equal or exceed the minimal efficiency loss of the Prius’ mechanical transmission." Unless you are a mechanical or electrical engineer, and have access to design and performance information that we do not believe has been released, how do you come to this conclusion?

Or how about this quote? "Unless GM is willing to heavily subsidize the Volt for many years, no matter how good it is, the Prius will kick its ass." So your opinion is based on pricing that is not really set, and you do not really care how the Volt performs, just that you think the Prius is a better vehicle!

That sure seems fair and balanced to me!!!!!

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I have come to the conclusion that this guy just likes to hear himself talk about how right he always is.

Here is how he comes across:

If a manufacturer from Japan makes something, it will always be better and cheaper and more reliable. GM is just blowing smoke and wasting money and time. They can't win, so why even bother???

The stereotypical "legend in his own mind"!

But he sure wants us to think he has written a completely objective comparison, doesn't he?????
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