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New $3000 off lease conquest incentive, non-luxury Asian for most Chevys, no Bolt EV

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Know it includes the equinox and Volt, though! I didn't get a run down of the full list but did see that Toyota, Honda and Subaru were included while Lexus and Acura would not be...There's also the restriction that it doesn't have to be your name on the current lease but rather they just need to be in the same household and some dealers can get creative address changes can happen if that "roommate" lives in the same county...

I had a DTLA dealer price out everything, ACC equipped Volt (Premier, C1 & C2) including L.A. county tax, 36/10K is $0 drive off and $234/mo with first payment waived...Remember must qualify for incentives

LS AWD equinox, $0 drive off, $143/mo, 24/10K with first payment waived...Remember must qualify for incentives

Got an update on the Bolt EV, 36/10K, said she's been doing $0 drive off and few cents below $400/mo...No incentives needed because they're not offered on the Bolt...

These are the best deals I found in SoCal but Fremont, where the first Bolt EVs were delivered will probably have the best deals in the country...But the $3000 off (if you qualify) should be available at any dealer...
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Excludes 2017 Cruze, Malibu, and Equinox L models, Traverse LS Base model, Colorado Base models, 2017 Silverado 2500/3500HD, Corvette, Spark, SS, Express, City Express, and 2018 Equinox and Bolt. Must show proof of current lease of a 2008 or newer Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru or Kia vehicle. Not available with special financing and some other offers. Take delivery by 3/31/17. See dealer for details.

No German or American car leases included.

Or a 2017 Volt LT in Southern California:

36/10K: 51% RV, .00062 MF
All: $4,610 CCR + $2,250 Incremental CCR
Targeted: $3,000 Select Conquest + $500 Farm Bureau

MSRP: $34,095
Sales Price: $30,595
Taxed Incentives: $10,360
Acquisition Fee: $595
Doc Fee: $80
License/Registration: $350
Sales Tax: 8.75%

Monthly Including Tax: $130
Drive-Off: $1,473
Average monthly cost after $1,500 CVRP: $126
Thanks for locating the details...

I'll add there are also bonus tags but I didn't get the breakdown; last month there was a total of $3000 off between a "bonus tag" and a "SUPER bonus tag"...To get to those prices I quoted, I'd imagine that's at least $2K...

If you want a FWD LS Equinox, you're probably right at $100/mo...
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