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New 2017 Volt Premier Purchase in Mass.

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Hi All, just put a deposit down on a new Volt figured Id pass along the info for others looking to buy. Im in Mass.

2017 Volt Premier in Heather grey w/ black interior. Navigation, Confidence package 1 and 2 and adaptive cruise control (ACC).

MSRP, including destination fee, of $40,525. They took $8K off MSRP so $32,525 and I’ll utilize the full $7,500 fed credit plus a $2,500 Mass rebate so before taxes, title, etc it's $22,525 out the door (taxes and doc fees etc are like $2,500). Im paying in cash so no financing terms
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Quirk has impressive pricing for our area, that's for sure. They almost got me to trade my '13 in for a '15 but we couldn't get to the numbers I needed to be at for it to work out for me. Still they came lower than anybody else around and they still do.
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