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Hi all,
I just leased a 2017 Volt LT. This is my first EV and I'm really enjoying it. Traded in an older ICE car, that helped get my payments pretty low. Its a base Volt, no other options. It's a smooth ride, pretty quick when it's needed.
Still learning about the car.
My commute averages 40 miles so its all EV. Really nice not having to visit a gas station every week.
Using the L1 charger @ 12amps. I usually get a full charge by the next morning, but not always.
I was looking thru the forums and I read about some guys converting the stock L1 EVSE from 120v/8-12amp to 240v/16amp (if I remember correctly. will have to look it up again). Want to give that a try though it might be beyond my abilities.
Have a great holiday everyone. Will try to be checking in regularly..!
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