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New 2017 Member Here!!!! Chevy, EV, Hybrid

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Hey gang!! I am really excited to be here.

I just bought a used 2017 Premier fully loaded and w/ adaptive cruise control. It has only 50k miles on it and lots of the certified preowned warranty left on several components. I am new to this whole EV thing, and certainly new to Chevy (my first one). Fingers crossed that I get the 4K tax credit with the new EV rules that just went into effect.

I love the idea of just plugging in and using EV mode for what is probably going to be 75% of my driving. (#WINNING) I was rather impressed on the test drive of this car. I am hoping that this will be a pretty reliable vehicle for me. Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys on this forum.


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What a cherry of of a car! The adaptive cruise control I could not find when I bought my 2017 looks like you got quite the find, enjoy!


Thanks Stephen,

Yeah they had a pretty sweet deal on it actually. I have never had ACC before and honestly was pretty on the fence. Well that one drive home from Houston to Dallas really did make me a believer. WOW it really is worth the hype (as much as I like being old school and hating to admit stuff like that)
You'll quickly find that it is a fantastic car! Surprises people off the line, especially when in sport mode.
I finally tried out sport mode in conjunction with low mode. It's like a completely different car!!!! Much more exciting that way.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts