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New 2017 LT Owner (Today): Questions

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1) Is there any equivalent to the display on the driver display that showed the energy usage, line moved up when putting foot own etc. I found that very useful

2) Any homelink for controlling garage door

3) Any way to mute or reduce the chime below the current minimum, which is still really loud.
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OK, everyone has answered 1 and 2 well enough, I will give you the only solution I have found for 3. The seatbelt chime is annoyingly loud and cannot be turned down or off by any means except by putting on you seatbelt before you push the start button. I have not verified if this works at all with remote started vehicles, but if you just get in and hit the start button right away, just retrain yourself to put on your seatbelt first then hit start and there will be no chime.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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