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New 2017 lessee here

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Hey all! I agreed to a lease of a 2017 pepperdust LT with Bose and heated seats/wheel yesterday. Anyone in the Boston area, I can highly recommend Mirak Chevy in Arlington. Amazingly pleasant experience. (Polar opposite of Maui Chevy who were high pressure scumbags).

I am coming from a 2015 GTI which I did enjoy a lot, but unfortunately totaled at 22k miles in a flash flood in my city. Water ingestion to turbo, engine, exhaust, HID's plus various electric systems was enough to total a 2 year old car.

I had been looking for something with AWD or a high ground clearance to better deal with New England winters, but I was unable to find anything at intrigued me as much as the Volt. I ran a bunch of numbers on the state and fed tax incentives and my daily usage and it was not nearly as burdensome as I thought it could be. I also got a very glowing review of the PHEV lifestyle from a friend who has a Ford CMax PHEV.

I had been hoping to get a Model 3 or a Bolt as my next car in a few years, but the Volt offers me pretty much all the same functionality in a more attractive package. I love the idea of CarPlay and the remote start/preconditioning AC stuff too!

Can't wait to take delivery!
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Glad to see another person making the switch to domestic from European. I swapped a BMW M235i on mine, and while I'm sure I'll miss the ridiculous power that little car made, I will not miss buying gas for it!

How's the Bose? I have the standard stereo in mine and it's okay, but not as good as the standard stereo in the BMW or in our Macan.
I am a little surprised that my decision came down to Chevy vs. Ford as well. I'm also very excited that an American car was competetive with the imports. My last domestic was an Olds coup roughly 2003. It was competent but a snoozer. And an interior from hell.
I hear ya. I have really not been a fan of domestic vehicles for a long time. Maybe it's because my first car back in high school was a '94 Ford Tempo that occasionally dropped gears out of its transmission....or that my second was a '97 Ford Ranger with almost enough power to go uphill.

And I have to admit, when I decided I wanted to finally go electric, the only car I considered initially was the i3.

But after crunching the numbers and realizing that didn't make sense (but would cost a whole bunch of cents!), I opened my mind a little and realized that American automotive products really have stepped up the game in terms of interior and exterior styling as well as quality. So far, I'm very happy with the car, and glad I didn't try to rationalize the much most expensive i3!
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