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Just picked up a sweet 2012 Volt today and I'm scratching my head as to how to setup the Bluetooth. The help videos that I saw online showed an extra option on the config menu for 'Phone Setting' that I do not seem to have. Do I need a version update of the software from the dealer? I have phone buttons on the steering wheel so I'm sure I'm supposed to have it but nothing.

The phone icon does show up on the main menu but when I press it it just reverses position either pointing to the left or the right, doesn't do anything else. I've attached pictures. Anyone ever run into this?

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Electronics Technology Multimedia Electronic device Display device

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You got a very later 2012 then. That's the MyLink screen, so most of the "2012 Volt Infotainment" documentation you'll find won't even apply. You'll need the 2013 version instead. I've seen a couple of reports that that sometimes happens with MyLink cars, where Bluetooth and Phone config disappears. (Other cars, I'm not sure I've seen it reported in a Volt yet, but Cruzes, sure.)

Try Radio Options::Software Versions::Reset Radio first. If that doesn't work, whole-system reboot by turning car off and disconnecting 12v negative battery terminal in trunk, then reconnecting will probably bring it back. If it's STILL not there, it's probably time to get professional help (that is, dealership service department and lightening your wallet by about $200).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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