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New '20 Bolt in Oasis blue...

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Hi, have a '13 Volt that I love and it got me into EVs. Now it has a driveway companion. Went looking at the Bolt LT with just DC fast charge and heated seats/wheel, and was going to get either Kinetic Blue or Cayenne Orange. The local dealer had one of each color with just hose options. But when we got to the dealership my wife saw one in the showroom in Oasis and had to have that color...

So we drove the one on the lot in Kinetic Blue with just the heated seats/wheel and loved it. But they didn't have the Oasis with just those options (the one pictured above had just the DC fast charge, but no heated seats/wheel). They did have one in Oasis that had the DC fast charge, heated seats/wheel AND the driver confidence packages (another grand in cost), but we really didn't want all those driver aids. They said they'd sell it to us for the same cost as the no driver aids version we drove, so we agreed and it followed us home. So now we have the Bolt and the Volt.

Spent the weekend driven all over southern MD with it, and even after 4 hours on the backroads around Deale, MD and the western Chesapeake, we still had just under half the battery charge when we got home to Pikesville, MD. I knew from driving the Volt that what seems like not much range actually covers a lot of ground, but it's still kind of eye opening just how far the Bolt's range encompasses, even in colder weather. With the current incentives from GM it's a no-brainer to choose the Bolt, either as a purchase OR a lease.
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I'm glad you are liking it. I am slowly getting pulled in myself. I can't say I can get used to the giant TV screen in the middle though.... I dunno just me. I have to say even better than the car and the color I have to say hat's off to your signature! That is so true and hilarious and sad at the same time! Thank you on both points.

I have to ask. I have a 50 mile commute sometimes in 0 degree F weather at the coldest going 75 mi/hr. Would you still be comfortable going 100 miles without a charge in that scenario? (Can't charge at work.... yet.)
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