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Just purchased this 18 Volt less than 2 weeks ago and already put 1300+ miles on it. Purchased it because I was spending 500-700 a month on fuel. Little background information. I am a double Master ASE certified auto and heavy truck tech. I worked for Chrysler for 7 years as Shop Foreman. I then was a fleet manager for a 7 years after that and I now teach Automotive Service Technology at a tech College here in South Florida. I drive 110 miles minimum a day and my other cars are a 94 Mustang GT (Drag car), 13 Mustang GT/CS (track/street car), 2000 Grand Cherokee 4x4 (boat hauler) and a 14 GS350 F Sport (Wife's car, lol). Was not ruining my Mustangs with that drive. Jeep was a gas hog and after a year I was tired of it. In comes the Volt. I get a full charge at home and at work so I still have yet to use my fuel. Was skeptical at first because I bleed Ford blue but the Fiesta Electric car was ugly as sin and not large enough for me. Friend of mine has a Chevy dealer local that his family owns so he really hooked me up on this thing. I pay less for the car than I did in fuel with the Jeep so it was a no Brainer. My wife loves this thing too so now she steals it from me on the weekends, lol. Already blacked out the windows with 5% tints. Replaced the tag, hatch and Reverse lights with LED's and waxed it. Looking to get some Premier black/machined wheels in the future and then just enjoy the crap out of saving on fuel cost.

Here is my car and my EVSE setup and the car. *Edit* I tried to post the image link directly but it says I can because I am new... That's dumb...

Yes I am well aware we have a lot of cars but lets be honest... Can one really have too many cars? lol
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