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new 12 volt battey dying.

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new 12 volt battery.
when the old battery died, i assumed it was old age and replaced it.
i am out of work with an injury, only using car once or twice a week, since i put in the new battery.
after sitting for 4 days, battery was dead. doors would not unlock. display would not light up when i opened the door.
assumed new battery was not fully charged, charged it for an hour. shop charger/starter, not a trickle charger.
next day, dead. jumped with portable jumper. drove for two hours, stopped twice. car started.
i am assuming it is not the battery because it holds the charge for a few hours.
i searched on here and saw similar problems with suggestions of a bad battery or onstar drain.
my onstar is not active.
i am thinking of charging and then disconnecting the battery and let it sit for 2 days.
if it starts, i believe that will eliminate the possibility that it is the battery.
if it starts, i will then try pulling the onstar fuse, F9, is it?

anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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Bluetooth has nothing to do with Onstar. I do remember some problems with early Volts running 12v batteries dead with bluetooth staying active, but my '13 has never done it. You should just be able to unpair your phone. Be sure there's no keyfobs left near the car.
Yes, if you fully charge the battery and disconnect it, it should last for a month or more. That would be a good test. I just had a 15 mo old AGM battery die in my motorcycle, some kind of internal open connection. So they can fail prematurely. It won't even take a charge though. If you pull the Onstar fuse you will also lose hands-free calling (which also requires bluetooth). They're on the same fuse. (Ask me how I know!)
Properly working Volts have very low parasitic drain, under 30 ma as I recall. You could check it with a DC clamp meter.
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