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Hello. I just noticed that one of my front lower bumper lamps is broken, possibly due to road debris or ice...(Not sure if calling this is Fog lamps or DLR lights) See the pictures.

Have been trying to locate a replacement part online but had no luck to find the part. I was able to find the whole front bumper at eBay for $400+ dollars that includes this component.

I don't want to replace the whole bumper if I don't need to.
I was wondering if anyone here can guide me to locate this part. I don't want to just show up at the dealer and let them quote me whatever they want. I would like to do some research first.

What is the part number?
What is the description?
How much it cost, if anyone knows?
Is this user replaceable? How hard to replace it myself?
Do I need to replace the front whole bumper?

IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0006.jpg IMG_0005.jpg
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