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Need a replacement 12v battery 2016 Volt, suggestions?

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Long story short I got stranded in my Volt several times over the past month. Pressing the start button would result in "Service Battery Charging System" requiring me to find someone who I could jump start the car using the front battery terminals.

It's been at the dealer now for three days, even having a traveling Volt specialist onsite to figure it out. End result... bad cell in the 12v battery. Problem is they won't replace it for me under warranty as I have 49k on the car, and they say the 12v battery is only covered by 36k 3yr.

Due to how the dealer had been handling the situation I chose to walk and replace the battery myself since it's not covered. The GM Tech told me to make sure I get a Fiberglass mat Battery and not a lead acid because the charging system in the volt can send upward of 16v and if I use a lead acid they could only handle around 14v before heating up and it could cause problems.

Does anyone have a suggestion where I can source the correct battery type for my 2016 Volt other then the dealer? Model # or anything?

I know there is this post --> but it's for 2011-2015's so not sure if the info is the same or not.
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Just a question is the AGM battery a starter battery or the deep discharge leisure type as used in RVs for house functions.

As I understand it the Volt does not need the high current to spin a starter, but may need the flatter output voltage curve of this type.
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