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NavTraffic - Problem with Traffic Indicators Disappearing at Lower Resolutions

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I am a new Volt owner. Previous owner of Leaf with NavTraffic, so very familiar with how NavTraffic should opearte. (BTW - loved the Leaf, but tired of the range anxiety).

I am having an issue with the traffic indicators (Green, Yellow, Red lines) disappearing at lower (zoomed-out) resolutions. I know the data is there, because when I zoom in, the traffic indicators are there for all major highways. But when I zoom out just one step, the indicators on many (not all) highways disappear. This is not the way NavTraffic on the Leaf operated - at any resolution, the indicators were there.

The problem is that when I zoom out to any resolution (e.g. 2 miles) in order to see the traffic conditions ahead, the indicators disappear. When I zoom in, the indicators appear, but I cannot see any distance ahead.

I am attaching two images - each showing the same view at different resolutions. Take a look at route 101 (circled in blue), for example. When zoomed-in, the traffic indicators are there. When zoomed out one step - no indicators.

Automotive navigation system Gps navigation device Electronics Screen Technology

Automotive navigation system Gps navigation device Screen Electronics Electronic device

I have spoken to XM, and they say not their problem because the data is obviously there. I have spoken to Volt Advisor by telephone, and they can only read to me from the owner's manual (which I have already read).

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is this a known issue, or a malfunction?
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Update: Took to dealer with pictures. They checked to see that it had the latest software upgrade, and it did. Opening a case with Chevrolet. However, while waiting, I checked another Volt on the lot, and it behaved the same. So I am pessimistic that there will be a fix for this and somewhat expect to be told this is "normal" (which I know it is not!)
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