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NavTraffic - Problem with Traffic Indicators Disappearing at Lower Resolutions

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I am a new Volt owner. Previous owner of Leaf with NavTraffic, so very familiar with how NavTraffic should opearte. (BTW - loved the Leaf, but tired of the range anxiety).

I am having an issue with the traffic indicators (Green, Yellow, Red lines) disappearing at lower (zoomed-out) resolutions. I know the data is there, because when I zoom in, the traffic indicators are there for all major highways. But when I zoom out just one step, the indicators on many (not all) highways disappear. This is not the way NavTraffic on the Leaf operated - at any resolution, the indicators were there.

The problem is that when I zoom out to any resolution (e.g. 2 miles) in order to see the traffic conditions ahead, the indicators disappear. When I zoom in, the indicators appear, but I cannot see any distance ahead.

I am attaching two images - each showing the same view at different resolutions. Take a look at route 101 (circled in blue), for example. When zoomed-in, the traffic indicators are there. When zoomed out one step - no indicators.

Automotive navigation system Gps navigation device Electronics Screen Technology

Automotive navigation system Gps navigation device Screen Electronics Electronic device

I have spoken to XM, and they say not their problem because the data is obviously there. I have spoken to Volt Advisor by telephone, and they can only read to me from the owner's manual (which I have already read).

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is this a known issue, or a malfunction?
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I think we call it a known issue, but GM isn't too keen on addressing it. :(

I rant, occassionally, about "old think" in GM's approach to cars. Especially in the leading edge Volt! I think the navgation is great for 2002, but it won't ever get a software upgrade due to productizing around model year. Teslas get OTA upgrades. They aren't held back by old paradigms of doing business.

My particular beef is when street names, for the street you need, won't show up no matter what zoom level you try. Just have to drive a half mile on and try again. And then usually you can make it work at a random zoom level. I use my Android phone for addresses not in my car address book, that I go to in familiar ways and want more than a miles-to-destination estimate.
I though the only way to get traffic was via XM ?
Update: Took to dealer with pictures. They checked to see that it had the latest software upgrade, and it did. Opening a case with Chevrolet. However, while waiting, I checked another Volt on the lot, and it behaved the same. So I am pessimistic that there will be a fix for this and somewhat expect to be told this is "normal" (which I know it is not!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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