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Quality Control Systems (QCS) filed a FOIA in February of this year to look at the data NHTSA used to make the claim that Autosteer, which is now a component of Autopilot in the Tesla Model S, reduces airbag deployments and crash rates by almost 40%. It did receive a response from NHTSA.

“In March 2017, NHTSA responded to QCS by saying the agency was issuing ““an interim response to your FOIA request dated February 24, 2017,"” and was ““extending by ten working days the time period by which the agency must provide a response.”” Further, NHTSA said it needed additional time “"to search for and collect the requested records from field facilities or other establishments that are separate from the office processing the request.”” Finally, the letter stated that NHTSA expected to provide a response by April 14, 2017.”

QCS has now filed a lawsuit to try to pry the data out of NHTSA.

Hummm, what's with NHTSA? Did they make claims that won't stand up to third-party scrutiny? Again?

I refer you to their analysis of the state trooper crash while driving a rental car. It's buried in their Office of Defects Investigation report where, because there was no factual evidence of what caused the crash, supposition was made - an invention - to come up with an answer.
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