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Previously, only residents of the handful of states that received Bolts initially could lease, but now anyone in the country can lease a Bolt for $329/month, $3,809 down, 15k miles/year. 10k or 12k miles/year would be slightly cheaper. A 10k miles/year lease would probably bring the monthly payment down below $300/month (not factoring in the money up front).

Obviously, the lease deal is better for CARB-state residents (only $1,559 down versus $3,809 due to an extra $2,250 lease cash on the hood).

I believe the article is off though. The extra $2,250 lease cash available in CA is offered by GMF and is NOT the the same as the $2,500 CA state rebate. That is completely separate that brings the costs down even more.

Plus, keep in mind the national lease offer assumes MSRP pricing. Lop off the $2-3k some volume CA dealers are offering, and the lease offer becomes even cheaper.
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