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N0 plugin, Solar, E85, and hydrogen to charge the battery in the next Volt

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There is a company that I had just found and it been around for awhile. Some may have heard of this company. It sure would be great if GM try to become a partner to this company call "Magnetic Power Inc". This company made a device call "GENIE" and it a Solid State Electric Generator. Here the company web site.

It doesn't say much for people who are not into tech knowledgeable.
Here an older info about Magnetic Power Inc in 2005 and explain in simple term. But keep in mind, that info is old and may have change. Just look as a basic info. At this point, there seem to be no production yet.

For me, it would be "I believe it when I see it.” I now know the technology is out there.
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Just because you read it on the internet doesnt mean its true. Theres all kinds of "free energy" frauds, like using water to power your car ect. There is no such thing as free energy.
As a famous man once said, "Even though perpetual motion is impossible, it does not mean I will stop trying."

By looking and learning why this is true we can gain insight to perhaps more efficient means of doing other things. But beyond a thought experiment don't expect the impossible, energy must come from somewhere all energy comes with some sort of cost.
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