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Mysterious call on hold preempts all music and HVAC

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So the myLink annoyances continue, but this one is not so minor. Starting a day or two, every time I start my Volt I first get whatever I was last listening to. But very quickly as my phone connects, the music stops and HVAC level goes way down like I'm receiving a call. And who am I calling, you ask?

Apparently.... me.

And I guess I'm on hold. It seems like they could at least offer me some hold music.

But when you click on my call, it turns out I'm not really on hold:

You can try to end the call, and the count-up time will stop, but nothing else changes. You're still locked out of music and HVAC.

The only way I've found to fix it is to start streaming music from my phone. This "ends the call," and I can then switch to whatever source I want.

Did I mention the car is doing this 100% of the time? Ugh. Anybody else experienced this? I'm using an iPhone 6 with latest software (9.3.2 if memory serves). Volt is a Dec 2016 buid.

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I've checked the phone each time, and it's not doing anything. No dialing, no music, no nothing. That's why it's a phantom call- only myLink thinks there's something going on.

I disconnected the BT this morning and forgot myLink on my phone. I'll re-pair this afternoon and see if that improves anything.


  • I disconnected and deleted the paired connection from both car and phone this morning
  • After work, I went to reconnect, and the pairing failed. I tried several more times (I'm not doing it wrong), and it failed every time. Well, the phone confirmed the failure while the car thought it had succeeded
  • I then did what I probably should have done to start. I turned my phone off and back on. Pairing then succeeded, and no odd behavior since

So the fix may, uh, have been to simply turn the iPhone off and back on. I guess it's the classic Windows-style reboot to the rescue.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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