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MyLink vs. Android Auto

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Our new 2017 Premier is fine - we're delighted with the car. However, it *appears* that MyLink and Android Auto do similar things, and that they don't always play well together. Or do they?

Is there a resource that can help get me up and running?

Thanks, gurus!
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There shouldn't be much to it. First push the 'Home' hard button under the center display and hit the settings icon. Scroll down and you should see menu items for both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. In your case, check that Android Auto is turned on.

With no phone plugged into the USB socket, you will see an icon saying 'Projection' on the center screen after pushing the 'Home' button. When you plug your iPhone/Android phone into one of the USB sockets under the display, this icon will change after a few seconds to read either 'Apple Carplay' for iPhones or 'Android Auto' for Android phones. Touch the icon and you should see your phone apps on the center display. You do not need to do any 'pairing' with the phone to see this.

You currently cannot use Apple Carplay or Android Auto through a phone connected only via Bluetooth - it must be hard-wired via a USB cable.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that MyLink and Android Auto do similar things. Can you be more specific when you say they don't always play well together?
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I was shooting in the dark a bit with my last reply, since you gave so little information! It seems you have Android Auto set up correctly.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to 'project' your phone onto the center display and use the touchscreen, car speakers and microphone with the phone applications. They don't let you control inbuilt car functions like changing the infotainment system audio sources. If you want to use Google maps for navigation, then you go to the Android Auto display on the center screen and hit the Google maps icon (assuming you have it loaded on your phone). You can then run the app from the center screen just as if you were running it from your phone. If you want to use the Volt internal navigation system instead (assuming you have that option) then you hit the navigation icon on the 'home' center screen display. Of course, the Google maps phone application will not be able to lower the music sound level when voicing navigation information, nor give a direction graphic in the driver instrument display behind the wheel, as the inbuilt navigation system can.

As for using the steering wheel mic button with your phone connected, a short push on the button should bring up the Volt internal voice command system, while a longer push will bring up the phone voice system (Siri in my case, since I use an iPhone). Once I've chosen which system to initiate, I've never had any conflict been the Volt internal voice commands and the Siri commands.

As for remotely starting your Premier, did you download the Onstar mobile application? You can download it from the Google Play store in your case. Once that is set up, you can remotely start your Volt using that application, and use many other features.

Hope I did a better job of answering your questions this time!
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