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MyLink vs. Android Auto

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Our new 2017 Premier is fine - we're delighted with the car. However, it *appears* that MyLink and Android Auto do similar things, and that they don't always play well together. Or do they?

Is there a resource that can help get me up and running?

Thanks, gurus!
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Android Auto works: hitting the proper ^ button generates an image of my last message and the weather.
I want to use it for changing audio sources, for inputting destination addresses, etc. Each time I must tap the mic button OR say "OK GOOGLE", and then the command. But the AA commands seem to conflict with the MyLink commands.

MyLink seems to be keyed to the audio button on the steering wheel, which I like and prefer (better than asking Google, than tapping a screen button).

For me, the goal is navigation via Google (superb!) and car/audio controls via MyLink (convenient).

And I have yet to figure out how to remotely start this 2017 Premier.
Ok, a short tap of the mic button on the steering wheel will activate the car's voice commands. A long press of the mic button will activate the Google voice commands.
For a remote start using the fob, press LOCK, then press and hold START for about 5 seconds. On the Onstar phone app, simply tap the Remote Start button.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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