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MyLink - Enabling MirrorLink

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I may give this a try the next weekend I have free. I have a 2015 and see this is working for others outside of the 2012-2014 window on a variety of other Chevy models. Some people are having issues with MirrorLink itself but their radios are still functional.

Obviously there is a chance to really mess something up. If there is anyone comfortable enough to give it a go before i get some time, please post your experience.
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If they ever find where developer mode is hidden on the Gen 8, I will play with mine. It should be easy enough to write apps for if it's also running windows ce...

I just don't understand why they left MirrorLink off our unit. When I plug in my phone, it says MirrorLink is connected we are just missing the app on the unit to use it. What good is MyLink without these apps anyways?
Yeah, mylink is a huge disappointment... initially it was supposed to be upgradeable and have lots of apps, but it never happened, and gm seems to have swept all that under the rug. I'd love to find an engineer in that division who could tell us what happened. And as a consumer, it's infuriating when companies get away with promising something like that and then not delivering.

This hack seems cool, but lots of mixed results, so I don't think I'll try it just yet.
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