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MyChevy App sucks

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It is possibly the most useless thing I have used to date. Car is awesome, but the app is abysmal.

Anything else out there that I can use?

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Agreed, it needs more to be worth the OnStar fees to me.

One cool feature would be customized start profiles. For example, enable the user to build custom start profiles with individually set climate control settings. Then we could have several start profiles, for example: "Start, Hot" "Start, Cold" "Start, A55-Freezing". And so on. Also, display the car's interior temperature on the app so we know if it's ready.

Tesla's dog mode shows what current technology can do with the right leadership.
I uninstalled the app. I was doing some network checks and found the app sending location data to a Facebook server even when location permissions are denied. Dug deeper into it and found the app is still approximating your location info using the compass and body sensors in the phone.
I recently added MY2011 to my stable of MY2013, and MY2017 SS, and unfortunately - while the 2013 and 2017 are fully reliable in terms of the app functionality - the 2011 is nothing but.
I've been on the phone with OnStar for hours, they've performed resets, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times.

Still - the 2011 - if it even starts - it will take forever to do so.
I also recently discovered, that while charging on L2 - both the APP and / or the keyfob remote start won't work at all ( still need to confirm that )

All this - while again both 2013 and 2017 work perfect.

Anyone experienced this? Any obvious resolutions?
My last OnStar convo was - lets just say - less than pleasant. They pretty much told me "screw you, and go to the dealership to fix it" ( yes - almost that harsh way )

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Most of the Gen1 Volts use Verizon's 3G CDMA wireless service. Only the later 2015 Gen1 Volt and the Gen2 Volt vehciles use ATT's 4G LTE wireless service. Verizon is phasing out CDMA in the US and Canada. This will affect GM vehicles that use the older 3G CDMA technology, probably by the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.
Thanks !
I sense that there’s a hardware issue on the 2011 since the 2013 works fine ( and is the older generation most likely running on 3G )

I just hope for some easy fix from many Volt gurus wandering around this cool place 🙂
Do any of you get advertisements in the app?

Every few weeks, one pops up on mine and that really irritates me.
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I am paying $10 a Month to have basic app connectivity. I wanted to be able to precondition it and see its charging status. I also have a Tesla Model 3 and they recently decided after a year of ownership to charge me $10 a Month as well, but that give me every bit of their connectivity and I am fine with that. That includes streaming audio when driving, streaming video (Netflix, YouTube, and so on) when parked or charging, all of the apps connectivity, traffic aware maps and navigation, summon and so on. Oh and there are NO ADDS.

Why in the world am I getting adds in an app I am paying for?

I called OnStar today and was basically told "Sorry, there is nothing I can do". I went up a layer to his manager and heard "Sorry, there is nothing I can do. It's a free app so it includes adds". I could use it for free for...absolutely no reason. But I am a paying customer that uses that app to connect to my car. Paid app = add free. I am paying them and they are making money on adds. I then asked to speak to his manager and he said he wasn't available. I said that was fine, I need a case opened up and I expect to hear back from them within a week. He agreed.

I don't expect much from it, but I will keep escalating

I am furious.
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