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MyChevy App sucks

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It is possibly the most useless thing I have used to date. Car is awesome, but the app is abysmal.

Anything else out there that I can use?

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2.5 years later and it still sucks. Not that critical. But geesh.

Not just the App, but the "mychevrolet" service behind it is broken as well.

I tried to schedule a service appointment on the app.
First Dealer, No Dice, Must Call.
Second Dealer, No Dice, Must Call.
Third Dealer, two weeks out !!

During that process the App Crashed out like 3 times.

Now I go to create a 2nd Profile on the Volt.
It wants a separate account for that, which I really don't need or want.
So I do and it says email unverified.

Never got the email. Check car and it has email address correct and it's a hotmail account.

So I log out of my wife's mychevy app account on my phone, try to login with this new account and says it can't, unverified.

Go to the mychevrolet web site and I click send verification again. Nothing. Check Junk mail, nothing.

Tried to change it to a gmail account. Feels like it sort of sent the email, but nothing on gmail.
Try to login in with that gmail account and it says no. It still only allows login on the unverified hotmail account.

I guess is on strike too.

The implementation of the radio is really well done. Better than Tesla, Ford, Subaru or Jeep. But this back end if for the birds.

And they want how much for the onStar services? Yeah right.
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I've never ever had a problem with it, on my iPhone......even works on the Apple Watch too...I've locked, unlocked the Volt, pre conditioned her, and just this AM set up an appointment thought the iPhone App....

Sometimes, the mileage on the Volt doesn't match whats on the App...or MyChevrolet page, thats about the only problem I've ever had !
Can’t even get into the app (iPhone X iOS 13.2) with my new profile. Still refuses to send confirmation email.

Total junk.
Can’t even get into the app (iPhone X iOS 13.2) with my new profile. Still refuses to send confirmation email.

Total junk.
Tried Chatting with GM. Useless. Because I also mentioned my SD Card for Nav is bad they prefer blame that instead of trying to figure out why I'm not getting the validation email. The Service person also said your should not have more than one online account even though the car forces you to do so.

So I used a sledge hammer. It won't allow changing the email. Another stupidity.

So I deleted the profile in the car. And recreated it. I thought perhaps maybe I should use the primary email (my wifes email) for the step that asks for an email. Very vague confusing wording on this. It's not clear is it want a new email for this profile or the "primary" email. Because it does say "Primary Email" in the description. So I put my wifes email. It said already used. Well that answer that question and GM Chat was clueless. So I used a new email, this time a gmail account (one I prefer not use).

Car never sent a validation email yet again.

Now I logged on to with this new email (the car setup the account again). And as soon as I logged in, it send another validation email. Bingo, I finally get an email. I click on it and I'm in.

So now it wants all my Profile stuff before the account is full set up. Put in my name, address, phone. Hit Submit "Server Error".
Tried in another Browser. Server Error. Tried different phone numbers and addresses. Server Error.

I think the account is at least validated and maybe I got rid of one ugly error in the car every time I get in.
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I've found the app a bit flakey and not all that reliable. After 5 years suddenly I started getting reports when my Volt has completed charging. I had given up a long time ago... I don't know why it finally started working.
I don't even care that much about the app I just wanted to have a separate profile. I've had multiple profiles in my cars for like 20 years. The first car I did it on it ended being confusing on who what on first. So I've never used it on any car since. Finally I decided to do it on the Volt. What a nightmare.

Turns out even though the account username password validated, the car was still not satisfied and still kept popping up messages email not verified.

So after 3 hours on phone with GM, I finally got it working. They never really fixed it, I did, but they has the same idea. The first email I used (a hotmail account) refused to receive emails on. Yes, I checked junk mail. Tried like 20 times. So I deleted the profile on the car and created a new one using a gmail account. That one got the email but refused let me complete the profile. Now using a 3rd email address that I'm trying to ween off of, I created an account on FIRST. Validated the email, saved the user profile stuff. Then when creating the Profile in the car, instead of creating brand new account (from the car), I chose add profile then "login". That worked. Then I had to go manually set all the attributes for the profile in the car that normally a new profile would walk you through. The emails I really wanted to use are now stuck in the abyss.

So now when using myChevrolet App I still don't use this new account, I have to use my wife's if I want access to the car. The "account" I created is JUST for my profile (and maybe MY chevy car, which will never happen).
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