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How often is it supposed to update? When I check the Status of my vehicle it says it is not plugged in or charging, yet it IS plugged in and it IS charging. Also it is not showing the correct mileage.
Yesterday it worked perfectly, today is "different". Have only had the car for a few days, but everything has been working fine. Phone is paired and OnStar account (trial) is setup along with the hotspot.
What am I missing?:confused:
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I got the same info about using MyChevrolet instead of the OnStar app.

The manual refresh is handy for checking the previous scanned data before doing a new scan. I was initially irritated by the need to pull it down to refresh, but am now glancing at all the old data and mentally recording it as to compare. In a perfect world, they'd make that a selectable feature (Automatic or Manual Refresh) but I prefer the manual method if that allows me to refresh my brain on what he last scan showed.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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