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How often is it supposed to update? When I check the Status of my vehicle it says it is not plugged in or charging, yet it IS plugged in and it IS charging. Also it is not showing the correct mileage.
Yesterday it worked perfectly, today is "different". Have only had the car for a few days, but everything has been working fine. Phone is paired and OnStar account (trial) is setup along with the hotspot.
What am I missing?:confused:
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I was told the exact same info directly from the dealer when I bought my '16 last July. They said I could use either app, but it would probably be in my bast interest to use the My Chevrolet app as it was the only one that was going to be supported going forward. No reason not to believe them.

EDIT: I just checked the Apple app store.....the My Chevrolet app was updated about 3 weeks ago, the OnStar app was updated 15 MONTHS ago. Thats enough proof for me
You guys with the iPads might have to choose some different options when searching the app store. An iPad defaults to search for iPad specific apps. The MyChevrolet app is most likely designed as an iPhone app, not an iPad app. It will run and work fine once you find it, but it won't just show up without changing your search options to include iPhone apps. I've had this happen with several different apps I wanted to add to my iPad

Stupid, I know, but give it a look.....I'll bet its there.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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