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How often is it supposed to update? When I check the Status of my vehicle it says it is not plugged in or charging, yet it IS plugged in and it IS charging. Also it is not showing the correct mileage.
Yesterday it worked perfectly, today is "different". Have only had the car for a few days, but everything has been working fine. Phone is paired and OnStar account (trial) is setup along with the hotspot.
What am I missing?:confused:
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I recently searched the Apple online store for the MyChevrolet App for my iPad but it does not appear. The Onstar Remotelink App is available for iPad, that is what I use about half of the time to remote start, precondition my Volt. I have both the MyChevrolet App and the Onstar Remotelink app on my iPhone.
It should be there. I have both MyChevrolet and RemoteLink on my iPad.
I have the original iPad Mini, not sure if that matters. The MyChevrolet app does not appear when I search the App Store on my iPad but it does appear when I search the App Store using my iPhone.
Huh. For some unknown reason it doesn't show up in my App Store either. However I typed 'mychevrolet' into safari and it took me to the app in the store! Go figure...
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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