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My Dad is thinking about buying a Used Volt - what price should he offer?

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14' Volt w/ 20,375 miles

Premium Trim, Nav, Safety 1&2, Bose Sound

They are asking $18k for it, seems a bit high, but not too far off.

What would you guys recommend he offer on it?
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So the OP should immediately take a screenshot of that and send it to his dad...Whatever price you pick, keep referring to that price...
I suggested that to him as well.. jokingly. We all know that they will not be held to that price, though I feel like it's a bit of false advertising.
Here's one thing we're both noticing -- finding out what options used cars is PAIN.

I know all the Volts have telescopic steering wheels.. I want to know which ones have Safety Packages.

But finding that level of info is buried in all the standard features listed on these sites. And there's no quick way to filter for them, so you end up having to read pages of features to see if they have the ones we're looking for. (It's a car for my little sister, so safety is a big deal)

Anyone have a good used car site that actually lets you identify the options on the Volt beyond stupid crap like "cruise control" -- if they all have it, that's not a filter when it doesn't remove any of the cars on the list.
It's a great find - my dad has already put down a deposit on it.

Though the description of the features were hard to pin point -- it's an LT with a number of features usually found on the Premium Trim.

So it's nice, but not amazing in terms of missing the leather interior / heated seats.

But tgolden, many many thanks to your ability to locate such a low mileage Volt!
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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