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My Dad is thinking about buying a Used Volt - what price should he offer?

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14' Volt w/ 20,375 miles

Premium Trim, Nav, Safety 1&2, Bose Sound

They are asking $18k for it, seems a bit high, but not too far off.

What would you guys recommend he offer on it?
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Anyone have a good used car site that actually lets you identify the options...
Go to and then follow-up at the dealer site when you find a car you like. I would never buy a 3-4 year old Volt for $16-18k when you can buy an almost new one for $23-$25k. Our Chevy dealer in Santa Fe has a 2017 with 1,000+ miles for $25k and I suspect they'd negotiate some if you're serious.

As for safety, most of the "safety" add-ons are less than great. My greatest concern with all of my Volts has been how quiet they are under 15 mph and the damn mile wide A posts.
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